$10.00 Paper Pattern

This quilt is a Quilt Expressions' original pattern. Finished quilt is 54" x 63". 

Materials Required:

4 print fat quarters (red, yellow, green and blue)

½ yard of white print for blocks

2 ½ yards black fabric

⅓ yard inner border fabric (black and white stripe)

⅝ yard binding fabric

3 ½ yards backing fabric

Suggested: Quilt in a Day Triangle Square Up Ruler


Appliqué fabrics:

Mittens: 4" x 9" blue dot fabric

Hat: 5" x 15" red dot fabric

Hat trim and bird beak: 4" x 12" yellow fabric*

Scarf: 5" x 40" color stripe fabric

Snowman: 9" x 20" white fabric*

Holly: (3) different 3" x 20" fabrics

Cardinal, bright berries, and snowman buttons: 5" x 20" bright red fabric

Dark berries: 2 ½" x 6" dark red fabric

Snowman arms: 4" x 6" brown fabric

Carrot nose: 3" x 6" orange fabric

Snowman eyes and bird face: Black scrap from background fabric

*We used white shape flex light weight fusible interfacing to line the snowman and hat trim pieces