Q: I want to order fabric and I only see options for ¼, ½, and ¾ yards. I need more than that! What should I do?

A: There are two boxes on each product page. The first box  is for full yards, the second box is for additional increments in quarters. If you put a "1" in the first box and nothing ("- -") in the second box, you will get one yard. If you put a "1" in the first box and "¼" in the second box, you will get one and a quarter yards in one continuous length.

product order boxes

Q: I ordered one yard of fabric in the first box and a ½ yard of fabric in the second box. How do I make sure I don’t get a one-yard piece and a half-yard piece? I want continuous yardage.

A: We always send the amount you ordered in one continuous piece. If we don’t have the full amount you ordered in one continuous length of fabric we will contact you before we fill your order.  

Sometimes we have multiple bolts with limited amounts on the bolts. We try to clearly state that in the fabric description, for example, "This is Bolt 1 - We have two bolts of this fabric (bolt 1 & bolt 2 at the end of the product name) with inventoried yardage on each bolt.  Our system will not allow you to order more yardage than is on the bolt. You can order from both bolts if you need more than we have on one bolt, but you will not receive one continuous piece of fabric."

Q: Are your prices for yards, half-yards or quarter yards?

A: All prices are per yard, except for bolt ends. Bolt Ends are priced for the total amount (in inches) in the bolt end name, and they will appear in your order as a "1".

Q: I ordered two yards. Why is there a number "8" next to the fabric image on the check-out page?

A: Our system runs in ¼ yard increments, so if you ordered two yards, you will see the number of quarter yards (in this case, "8") on your check out page.  

Q: I ordered eight yards of a fabric. When I tried to check out, I got this message, "Out of stock" and "Some items are not available in the quantity you ordered. Your cart has been updated. Please note that QUANTITY is the number of 1/4 continuous yards."

And then I saw this, "32-->10". What the heck is going on???

A: Our system runs in ¼ yard increments, so your eight yard order was converted to 32 quarter-yard increments. Our inventory shows we only have 10 quarter yards (2-1/2 yards in quilter-speak) in stock. At this point you may decide to delete that item from your order, or proceed, ordering what we have.

Q: You sent me a fat quarter that I didn’t order, and even though I may want it, I’m not going to pay for it, and I can’t live with the guilt if I keep it. What should I do?

A: We send an unadvertised (now that cat’s out of the bag) free fat quarter with every mailed order to thank you for shopping with us, and to offset the cost of shipping for those that didn’t make the free shipping cut.

Q: I ordered over a hundred dollars of truly great stuff and qualified for free shipping. Do I still get a free fat quarter?

A: Yes.

Q: Thank you for the extra "little gift" in my order. I love it so much I want to order more. What fabric is it?

A: We have no idea. Sorry. It’s a bit of a game to select a fat quarter that coordinates with your order! Sometimes we do cut new fat quarters if you’ve really stumped us, but typically it comes from our collection of fat quarters from bolt ends, miscuts or other mishaps, and there just isn’t any left. If you really, really love it, send us a picture and we’ll try to identify the fabric for you.

Q: I ordered a pattern in a PDF format and I didn’t get a link to download the pattern.

A: If the pattern you ordered was not a free pattern, we have to accept the payment on our end before you are sent a link to download the pattern. That can take a few minutes. Also, you must enter a valid email address for us to email you the link. SMS text messages to your phone don’t work for pattern downloads.

Unfortunately, we do sleep sometimes, or are just so busy eating bon bons that we aren’t able to accept the payment immediately. HOWEVER, if it seems like a reasonable amount of time has passed and you still don’t have the pattern download link, please email us (shop@quiltexpressions.com) and let us know you are anxiously tapping your toe and want that pattern!

Q: You people really messed up and sent me a) the wrong fabric, b) the wrong amount of the right fabric, or c) the wrong amount of the wrong fabric. What now?

A: Please contact us immediately, either by email (shop@quiltexpressions.com) or by phone (208-407-4656). We will do our best to remedy the situation to your satisfaction with our profuse apologies.


Q: Uh Oh. I ordered the wrong fabric/wrong amount/or just plain changed my mind. Can I cancel the order?

A: Our warehouse folks can be lickity split fast, and while most of the time that's a good thing, it also means your fabric may have been cut in the time it takes you to contact us (and that's if you're calling on the phone). If you sent an email, the order may have already been printed and cut before we saw the email and called in a red alert to warehouse! All that said, if we catch it before it has been cut, we'll cancel it. If your fabric order has already been cut, we will charge a 20% cancellation fee. Sorry.

Q: I did not receive my order even though the post office says my package was delivered TODAY.

A: Please give the post office one more day. Sometimes they get excited and send the delivery notice a day early. We do send every package via priority mail so that we can track it, and you should have received a tracking number in your fulfillment message so you can track the route of your awesome fabrics as well. If your package still hasn’t shown up after a 24-hour grace period, we can look on our end, but most likely you will need to visit your local post office with your tracking number in hand.  

Q: I live in the Boise area and I would like to pick up my package and save on shipping. Is that possible?

A: At this time we are not offering local pick up. Stay tuned for updated information.

Q: I’ve ordered all the yardage of my favorite fabric that your system allows. But I’d really like more if you have it. How do I let you know that?

A: Leave us a note on the Shopping Cart page (see above graphic), and if we have more, we will invoice you for the increased amount. We won’t send your order until you approve the second invoice.