Triangles, circles, angles and grids come together in this versatile collection by Janet Clare. While fans of Janet’s previous collections know she usually favours small sketchy prints, making this collection seem slightly out of her usual realm, Geometry is still classically Janet. The designs, for example, have all been hand painted, with the aid of graph paper. 

“I draw and paint everything by hand,” she notes, “and use tracing paper to work out the repeat. I do not digitise anything!”

These fabrics play nicely with her other collections, too, potentially making for a sophisticated quilt for both fans of classic and modern quilts.

The muted but elegant colours are what we have come to expect from Janet. They add an organic touch to the defined shapes, complete with mottled, textured backgrounds for depth and interest. 

The colours in this collection are named after mathematicians: Archimedes, Euclid, Pythagoras, Pascal, and Buckminster (Fuller). Delightfully, the shades of blue are also perfectly on trend for the indigo resurgence we are seeing for 2020.